In the Wake of Tragedy We Can All Stand Together as Americans

Last night I found myself switching back and forth on the TV between the MTV Video Music Awards and the news coverage of the horrific aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. What dawned on me in these few hours was that we are as divided as a nation as we ever have been, and this is a chance to fix that. 

Sure, we are all different, do we really even need to point that out anymore? I thought that was why we all loved America so much in the first place, right? Because it was one of the few places in this world where everyone was not only alright with being different, but also happy to be a part of it. 

While watching the VMAs last night I felt like there was more defending of rights for certain groups of people than there was music... On what was supposed to be a music awards show. I didn't have a problem with people standing up for their beliefs, but instead the idea that everyone has to. Why must we fight for the rights of people who come from a certain religious background? Why are arguing over who can and cannot participate in certain events? Why is color of still a subject of conversation in 2017? How have we let hate take over our lives to the point that we no longer have a music awards show, and instead have to have political showdown dominate something that used to be fun? 

I thought of all these questions as I was also watching hundreds of thousands of our own people lose their homes, their cars, their farms, their businesses, and some even their loved ones in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. 

All that did was make me realize that it is time to stand up as Americans, and realize no one will ever look just like you, believe the same things you do, or even like every choice that you make, and that is OK! If we all become the type of people that will reach out a hand to a stranger to pull them to higher ground during a flood, our country will become a better place. 

In these tragic times in Texas, I encourage you, and all other fellow Americans to do just that... Reach out and help a stranger, not because they are of the same color, region, sexual orientation, or anything else, but because they are your fellow American, and they need help. 

$10 to the American Red Cross could change a life, if you have more great, if you only have a $1, it'll go further than you think, and if you have no money at all, send prayers or good vibes. 

In the wake of absolutely horrible news, this is our chance to change this recent downward trend of segregation in our great country. We all play for team America, and now is the time to start acting like it! 

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