Karma is Real - Justin Bieber Has a Swollen Testicle

I haven't been shy about how I feel about Justin Bieber. I think he is extremely talented, but I also think he acts like a spoiled brat. 

Most recently he cancelled a bunch of tour stops because he didn't feel like doing the shows. He didn't feel like making millions of more dollars by performing to thousands of people who love him for a couple hours each day. 

But karma is real and it has bite him... In the privates! 

Bieber was recently in the hospital and the rumor was he was being treated for an STD. But as TMZ reveals, Bieber simply suffered a swollen testicle while playing soccer nearby and was quickly discharged after a doctor confirmed that was all it was.

A swollen testicle... Bieber's karma for cancelling the shows! 

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