Sam's Now Has Grapes That Taste Just Like Cotton Candy

My 6-year-old son could not believe me when I told him a few months back that there were actually apples that tasted like grapes. It's true, they're called grapples and they really do taste just like grapes. 

Now there are grapes that don't taste like grapes, but instead cotton candy. And according to those that have tried them, they are spot on. 

Sam's has started carrying the Cotton Candy grapes in its stores for a limited time. They are sold in 3-pound bags, and the company's offering $1 off from now until Sept. 10. 

This variety's only in season for a little over a month, from Aug. 10 to Sept. 20, according to Grapery. So you have to hurry and order a batch online or pick some up in store! 

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