How Do You Feel About the 'Colorado Broncos'

There are people out there who clearly have more time on their hands than I have. Some like to sue for crazy things, others protest odd things, and then there is this Colorado guy... Who has started a petition. 

The petition is to get the Denver Broncos to drop Denver and add Colorado. He says, “We’re not asking them to move, we love Mile High Stadium. We’re not asking them to change colors, we bleed orange and blue. We’re not asking them to do anything drastic, unless you think Colorado is drastically worse than Denver County.”

He also acknowledges that some will hate the idea, but says it is better for the fan base as a whole. 

At last glance there were less than 20 signatures on the petition, so it seems as though most aren't fans, but if you are, you can sign it here.

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