The Rocky Mountain CMAs Bring the Best in Country Music to NoCo

We do a lot of events at the many radio stations I am a part of, but there is one that sticks out in my mind as my favorite. Maybe it's because I am biased, and it's my show, but I actually hear from a many people that they feel the same way. 

Said event is the Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards. It's a night to celebrate the best in country music in the entire region (Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, and South Dakota), but there is a lot more to it. We give out awards to the best of the best, you'll see nearly 20 different bands and artists play onstage (Ned LeDoux, Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band, Sean Curtis and the Divide, Bryan Thomas, Austin Wahlert, and many others), there will be celebrity presenters from the area, and there is always a ton of fun in between it all with comedy, tributes, and special guests as well. 

It truly is just like the music awards shows you see on TV like the CMAs, ACMs, or Grammy's, but a lot more affordable, a lot less questionable attire, and a lot of times better music! 

This year we will also have a special Chris LeDoux Lifetime Achievement Award presentation for the great Doug Kershaw including a performance from the legend himself. We are also adding a new award in honor of the late Hadley Barrett, the Hadley Barrett Person of the Year Award, with a presentation that will touch you, no doubt. 

This show is not only special to me, but it is to a lot of people, and my promise to you is that you will walk away saying how thankful you were you went. 

I guess I should tell you when/where it is, huh? Friday, October 13th is the date, the beautiful Lincoln Center in Fort Collins is the place. Tickets are $20-$30 depending on where you sit, and this did sell-out in less than two weeks last year, so get your tickets quick! 

Get tickets here.

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