The Most Underrated Place in Colorado

Colorado is known for a lot of places. From all the different ski resorts to mountains like Pikes Peak and the old mining/gambling towns, there is a lot to see and do here. But still we have some hidden gems, and according to the website Thrillist, here is our most underrated place… 

The travel website found one place in every state that they call “downright fantastic but just doesn't get the credit it's due.” 

In Colorado that place is Great Sand Dunes National Park. They said this about our state’s hidden gem: 

“Why you need to go: Getting up in the altitude is the entire point of going to Colorado (insert your weed joke here), but rolling down the Rockies is a pretty terrible idea. Unless you hit this underrated national park, where you can climb to the top of 750ft dunes and then roll down them like an uninhibited second-grader. Once you shake the sand out of your shoes, climb up to Crestone or Cleveland Peak, or backpack into the middle of the dunes for an overnight stay at one of the best campsites in America.

Must-do: Hike to the top of the dunes at sunset, where you’ll see colors change by the minute.”

In case that’s not adventurous for you, the underrated place in Wyoming is the whole town of Sheridan which isn’t too far away from NoCo too! 

Here is the list of all the states. 

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