Introducing the Hadley Barrett Person of the Year Award at the RMCMAs

The Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards are my baby, so I am excited about the whole show, but there is one new award that I am really excited for this year... The Hadley Barrett Person of the Year. 

We lost longtime rodeo announcer Hadley Barrett this year, and I instantly knew I wanted to honor a guy I, and so many others idolized. 

Besides being amazing at what he did, so much so that he is enshrined in the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame, Hadley was the type of person that made everyone feel like the most important person in the world when they were around him. He was the kind of guy that everyone who knew him strived to be. 

Quite honestly Hadley deserved to be named "person of the century," but I wanted something that could honor his name forever, so we came up with the "Hadley Barrett Person of the Year Award." 

From here on, the award will be given to the person in Rocky Mountain Region who not just plays music, but uses the platform to do good for the community and everyone in it. 

For the first year, we will give the award to the Barrett family in honor of Hadley. Hadley's wife, Lee and some of the other family will be on hand on October 13th for the 2017 Rocky Mountain CMAs to accept the award in Hadley's name. 

Get your tickets here, and be a part of this touching presentation. 

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