People in Greeley Tried to Vape the Stink Out of Town This Weekend

Greeley is notorious for having a smell about it. Some will argue that it doesn't, but regardless of the facts, people around the state think it does. So some people tried to get rid of the stink this weekend... In the weirdest way possible.

An event was created on Facebook last week called "Vape Facing North To Blow Greeley's Bad Stink Into Wyoming." The event took place Saturday on Greeley's highest hill at the University of Northern Colorado's University Center to get the "best angle and wind direction."

The Facebook event says that over 150 people went, and was so successful that there will be more events. Right now there is a poll to vote on what event should be next... "Prove Pluto is a planet by force is necessary" is leading said vote at the moment. 

I have no words... 

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