Looks Like This Year's Super Bowl Halftime Show Will Be Justin Timberlake

With "Nipplegate" far behind him, Justin Timberlake is reportedly close to signing a deal that will see him starring in the 2018 Super Bowl halftime show. 

Us Weekly reports that the 36-year-old pop star is "finalizing" a deal to perform during the NFL title game on February 4 in Minneapolis. 

"As of right now, it will just be Justin--no surprise performers," the source adds, shooting down other new reports suggesting that JAY-Z might make a cameo during the performance. 

If the deal goes through, it will mark Timberlake's first return to the Super Bowl stage since he infamously ripped off a piece of Janet Jackson's costume in 2004, exposing her boob. Timberlake notoriously later blamed the stunt on a "wardrobe malfunction."

He and Garth Brooks are also buddies, so please J.T., bring Garth out for a song!! 

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