Which Quarterback Do NFL Players Think Is...

If you asked NFL fans who the most overrated quarterback is . . . there would probably be a lot of votes for ELI MANNING, even though he's won two Super Bowls, which is more than *20* teams have in their whole history.


But ESPN polled 155 NFL players, and 14% of them pegged Eli as the most overrated QB.  Andrew Luck got the second-most with 11% of the vote, followed by Joe Flacco (10%), Jay Cutler (7%), and Sam Bradford (7%). 


Here are some other poll results . . .


1.  "Who is the one quarterback you'd not want as a teammate?" 


Jay Cutler got 42% of the vote . . . followed by Cam Newton (6%) and Philip Rivers (6%).



2.  "Which QB do you most want to sack?"


Tom Brady got 49% of the vote, followed by Ben Roethlisberger (14%) and Aaron Rodgers (10%). The poll was conducted before Rodgers broke his collarbone after a big hit from Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr.



3.  "Which QB talks the most trash?" 


Cam Newton got 26% of the vote . . . followed by Rivers (24%), Rodgers (17%), and Brady (16%).



4.  "Which QB will win the most Super Bowls in the next 10 years?" 


TOM FREAKIN' BRADY got 21% of the vote.  That's in the NEXT 10 years . . . so it doesn't count the five he already has.  Brady is 40 years old now, although he's still at the top of his game.


Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is a close second at 20%, and he's followed by Rodgers (18%) and Dak Prescott (10%).


Unfortunately, they didn't ask which quarterback was LEAST likely to win a Super Bowl in the next decade . . . but maybe that's because 100% of the players would've said "Whoever is quarterbacking the Cleveland Browns."  And yeah, 100% means that would've included votes of any players from the Browns.


But the Browns DID get a sliver of hope.  When the players were asked . . .



5.  "Which rookie QB will have the most success in the NFL?"  


Browns rookie DeShone Kizer got 12% of the vote.  But he's THIRD behind two other guys the Browns passed on:  Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans, who got 61% of the vote . . . and Mitchell Trubisky of the Chicago Bears, who got 18%.


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