98% of Us Eat at Least One Sandwich Every Week

posted by Scott and Sadie -

It looks like the low carb era is over and we're all back to constantly stuffing ourselves full of bread again.


Because according to a new survey, 98% of people say they eat at least one SANDWICH every week. And 39% eat at least three a week.


The five most popular types of sandwiches are . . .


1.  Subs.

2.  Grilled sandwiches. 

3.  Deli sandwiches.

4.  Wraps.

5.  Club sandwiches.


The survey also found that 76% of us like to eat sandwiches for lunch . . . while 20% prefer to have them at dinner.  And 44% of us say we WON'T share even a single bite of a sandwich, not even with our significant other or our kid. 


(PR Newswire)



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