The Average Person Will Spend $967 on the Holidays This Year...

Hope you've been saving your nickels because winter is coming.


The website just released the results of a new study on holiday spending for this year. And they found that the average person will drop $967 on things like gifts, parties, clothes, and food. That's up 3.4% from last year.


They also calculated how much the average person will spend in the 570 biggest cities in the country, based on things like income, age, and debt.


And the city where people will spend the most is . . . Naperville, Illinois, at an average of $2,381 each.


The other four cities where people will spend at least $2,300 are:  Sugar Land, Texas . . . Bellevue, Washington . . . Sunnyvale, California . . . and Carmel, Indiana.


People in Flint, Michigan will spend the least, at $69 per person.


The six other cities where people will spend under $150 are:  New Britain, Connecticut . . . Brockton, Massachusetts . . . Rochester, New York . . . Lynwood, California . . . Dayton, Ohio . . . and Detroit. 

In Fort Collins, we're cheap - we'll spend about $580. In Greeley - $506. Loveland is spendy at $708. Cheyenne was not ranked.




Here are the rankings for all 570 cities.


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