The Seven Holidays Where You're Most Likely to Conceive a Baby

We're not sure exactly who feels sexy after consuming 16 pounds of food and an entire gallon of gravy, but apparently, that's doin' it for LOTS of people.


A new survey found the seven holidays where we're most likely to CONCEIVE A BABY, and Thanksgiving is number one.  And if you've got a birthday in August or early September, your parents just might've contributed to that statistic.


Here are the seven holidays where we're getting our procreation on . . .


1.  Thanksgiving.  17.7% of couples who conceived on a holiday did it on Thanksgiving.

2.  Valentine's Day, 17.3%.

3.  Christmas, 14.7%.

4.  Fourth of July, 13.9%.

5.  Halloween, 13%.

6.  Memorial Day, 12.1%.

7.  New Year's Eve, 11.3%. 


(Daily Mail)


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