The Ten Topics That Are Most Likely to Start a Fight on Thanksgiving

If we asked you to name the #1 topic that could start a fight on Thanksgiving this year . . . you'd probably get it on your first guess.


According to a new survey by, President Trump is BY FAR the most dangerous topic to bring up with family tomorrow.  37% of people agreed it's #1.  The rest of the ten riskiest topics are a little harder to guess . . . but almost all of them are political.


1.  Trump.

2.  Personal debt.

3.  Healthcare.

4.  The economy.

5.  Immigration.

6.  Gay marriage.

7.  Congress.

8.  Terrorism.

9.  The environment.

10.  Foreign policy.  (Economic inequality just missed the top 10 at #11.) 


(Five Thirty Eight)


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