Santa Tried to Skydive Into a Charity Event in Florida...

See, THIS is why Santa needs to stick to traveling by sleigh.  Because as soon as he tries to get creative or EXTREME, little kids wind up TRAUMATIZED.


Santa tried to SKYDIVE into a charity volleyball tournament in Tampa over the weekend to deliver toys.  But he didn't plan his trajectory quite right . . . and he crashed HARD into a tree on the way down.  (The guy's real name is George Krokus.)


Fortunately, he survived . . . or else the kids who saw him would've REALLY needed therapy.


But he didn't exactly walk away from the crash, either . . . he's already had two leg surgeries for his injuries.  On the bright side, he should make a full recovery. 




WARNING!  There's profanity in the crowd noise.  Search for "skydiving Santa" on YouTube to see the video of the crash.


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