19% of People Can't Wait For the Holidays to Be Over

It's December 8th, which means if you're sick of the holidays already, you're in trouble . . . because we've still got three weeks where people are going to be focusing on 'em even MORE than they are now.  Sorry.


According to a new survey, 19% of people say they can't WAIT for the holiday season to be over.


And here are the five things they're dreading . . .


1.  Nonstop Christmas music.

2.  Wrapping presents.

3.  Carolers.

4.  Decorating.

5.  Spending time with their family.


On the bright side, 95% of people are looking forward to time off of work . . . and 94% wouldn't mind watching "Love Actually"again.  So at least the season's got that going for it.  Merry Christmas! 


(My News Desk)


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