Would You Give Up...

It would be incredible to have someone just magically wipe away all of your student loans.  But on the other hand, it's also incredible to post a picture of your Frappuccino on Instagram and get 21 likes.


A new survey asked people with more than $60,000 in student loans what they'd be willing to give up if it meant their debt would be totally wiped out.


And 72% said they'd give up Instagram or Facebook.  Which, I guess, means that more than a quarter of people would rather carry a TON of student loans than give up social media.


The survey also found 60% of people would shave their head to have their debt wiped out . . . 55% would never go to their favorite restaurant again . . . 51% would never drink alcohol again . . . and 49% would get a tattoo of their school mascot. 




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