Mark Wahlberg Is "Forbes'" Most Overpaid Actor of 2017

"Forbes" named MARK WAHLBERG the 'Most Overpaid Actor of 2017.'  For every dollar he's paid, his movies gross just $4.40.  JOHNNY DEPP was #1 the past two years.


The formula they use is kind of complicated, but basically, they looked at the last three live-action movies that a bunch of actors and actresses made, and compared what they were paid with what the 'operating income' ended up being.


The movies had to be released in at least 2,000 theaters to count . . . and annoyingly the data isn't super current because movies from the past six months weren't included.  So, for example, Mark's last two movies "Transformers: The Last Knight" and "Daddy's Home 2" didn't count.


But it's interesting nonetheless.  Here's the Top Five:


1.  Mark Wahlberg, returns $4.40 for each dollar paid.  His recent disappointments include "Patriots Day" and "Deepwater Horizon".

2.  Christian Bale, returns $6.70 for each dollar paid.

3.  Channing Tatum returns $7.60 for each dollar paid.  He was also #3 last year.

4.  Denzel Washington returns $10.40 for each dollar paid.

5.  Brad Pitt, returns $11.50 for each dollar paid. 




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