Mike Tyson Is Opening a 40-Acre Pot Farm in California

Recreational marijuana became legal in California at midnight on New Year's.  And MIKE TYSON is already planning to cash in on it.  (Yes . . . a guy with a giant face tat likes to get stoned. Shocking.)


Late last month, he broke ground on a 40-acre pot farm in California City, California, about 100 miles north of L.A., and he claims it'll revolutionize the industry.


Half of the land will be used to grow pot.  The other half will have a supply store . . . an extraction facility . . . a factory for edibles . . . a pot-growing SCHOOL . . . a campground for 'glamping,' a.k.a. luxury camping . . . and a small amphitheater.


So it kind of sounds like a pot farm that's also a mini pot-smoking RESORT.


He says the goal is to grow high-grade cannabis, including medical marijuana that helps with things like inflammation but doesn't get you high.  It's not clear when he plans to open up shop.


This isn't the first time Tyson's weed-smoking has been in the news.  In his 2013 memoir, he said he used to smoke before his boxing matches.  He used to beat drug tests by using a fake PENIS with clean urine.


But he did get caught.  In 2000, he was fined $200,000 for testing positive for pot while he was still boxing. 


Here are some photos of him breaking ground and a map of the layout.


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