A 104-Year-Old Woman Says Her Secret to Long Life Is...

It seems like there's a new study every week that finds that Diet Coke is terrible for you.  But you . . . and the president of the United States . . . just keep on drinking the stuff by the gallon.


So here's some good news for you:  It might make you LIVE LONGER.


There's a woman in Grand Rapids, Michigan named Theresa Rowley who turned 104 years old on January 1st.  And she says the secret to her long life is Diet Coke.


She drinks at least one can a day, quote, "Because I like it.  I'm going shopping Wednesday and I need more Diet Coke.  I have a bag full of empty Diet Coke cans that I need to return [to get money] to buy more Diet Coke."


But Diet Coke or not, Theresa says she's surprised she's still around.  Quote, "When I was 100 . . . I thought I'd pass away . . . then I turn 101, and nothing happens.  Here I am, 104, and still, nothing happens.


"I'm surprised that I'm 104.  It just doesn't seem like I should be that old." 


(ABC 13 - Grand Rapids


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