A Guy's DeLorean Goes Up in Flames After an Accident...

When the DeLorean travels through time in "Back to the Future", it leaves flaming tire tracks behind it.  That might make you think DeLoreans can handle fire. 


Well . . . nope.  Not even close.


A guy named Daryl Kemsley in Orem, Utah has a rare, classic DeLorean, just like the one from "Back to the Future".  And he was driving it on Saturday when someone rear-ended him.


The back of the car immediately burst into flames.


He pulled into a Rite Aid parking lot and ran inside to ask for their fire extinguisher, but they wouldn't give it to him.  And . . . um . . . I guess he didn't think to buy one?


The DeLorean wound up burning so badly it's a total loss. 


(CBS 2 - Salt Lake City


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