Reverend of a Marijuana Church Will Run for Weld County Commissioner

Rev Brandon Baker, Facebook

Brandon Baker is a 39-year-old from Nunn, Colorado, and he has announced his plans to run as a Republican for the at-large county commissioner seat up for election in November. Seems normal enough right? Well, that is until you learn that Mr. Baker is also the reverend of marijuana-based church. 

Before I go further, I am not saying that because you are the reverend of marijuana-based church you can't be county commissioner, I am just saying you don't see that everyday... 

According to the Greeley Tribune, the church is called Greenfaith Ministry and they believe things like the sole focus should be on cannabis, and it has detailed rules based on the substance, including the idea that the church must maintain a six-month supply of marijuana in case of a natural disaster.

It is 2018 in Colorado, and stranger things have happened, but I am not sure that we are quite ready for a man who bases his church around a plant that you smoke to be one of our representatives. 

Would you vote for him? 

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