Fort Collins Brothers Fight With Shovel, One Gets Shot in the Butt

I have a sister, and I remember a time where we fought worse than cats and dogs, but still I never beat her with a shovel, and thankfully she never did either. The same cannot be said for a pair of brothers in Fort Collins. 

According to the Coloradoan:

"A 29-year-old man reportedly was attacking his adult brother with a shovel inside the home at 401 N. Timberline Road, according to a Larimer County Sheriff’s Office news release.

Another resident of the home fired one round from a handgun into the floor in an effort to stop the assault, according to LCSO. When it did not stop, the 54-year-old man fired another round, which struck the 29-year-old in the buttock."

...And I thought my family was dysfunctional! 

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