Local Colorado Musician Donates Prized Equipment to Vietnam Vet

There are many people who have the same job as me across this country, and sadly I have seen too many of them ignore the work of local musicians because they claim they don't have time for them. I am proud to work with as many local artists as possible, not just because the music is often as good as whats coming from Nashville, but also because these people truly have huge hearts. 

Take for example the lead singer and guitarist for the Fort Collins based group Harley and the V-Twins, Harley Osterlund. Not only is Harley one of the greatest guitarists I have ever seen, he exemplifies what I was saying about having a huge heart. 

Harley surprised a music-loving Vietnam vet with his prized guitar and a very meaningful amp this week, for the simple reason that he thought the man would get more out of it than he ever could... 

You could see the joy in that vet's actions in the video, but he also put his emotions into words saying, "Tonight I was overwhelmed beyond words, by the generosity of Harley Ost of the V-Twins, who gifted me a special by order commerative Vietnam Veterans POW/MIA custom covered hand wired/hand built 15 watt tube amp he had made back in 2001 after 9/11, and also gifted me with a 1974 Strat with hot rails in recognition of my service in the military on Tan Son Nhut with 1876th COMM from 1971 to 72, and then service I rendered assigned to SAC thru to 1977, and I am shocked and awed to tears beyond words but I wanted to share the tremendous generosity that I was blessed with tonight that I will never forget as long as I live...Thank You Harley Ost, I am just dumbfounded and awed beyond any further words.. ...and as many of you know I rarely run out of words..."

High five, Harley! 

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