The Top 10 Deal Breakers That Are Most Likely to Immediately End a Date

Bad Date

Hey, good news if you never shower and smell TERRIBLE.  You're STILL going to have a better love life than people who are rude to waiters or racist.


A new study found the top 10 deal breakers that are most likely to immediately end a date.  They feel like they really SHOULD be common sense, but clearly, people just keep doing them . . . so consider this a refresher course.  Check 'em out . . .


1.  Saying something racist or intolerant.

2.  Being inconsiderate or rude.

3.  Bad hygiene.

4.  Saying something sexist.

5.  Making it clear you're not over your ex.

6.  Being closed-minded.

7.  Doing drugs.

8.  Having bad manners.

9.  Being ignorant.

10.  Being flaky or showing up late.


The survey also found the top three things that AREN'T deal breakers:  Being good looking . . . being rich . . . or being a little bit shy or quiet. 




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