Scientists Have Determined You're Not Actually an Adult Until 24

You legally became an adult when you turned 18.  But you know you weren't CLOSE to mature enough to actually consider yourself an adult, right?


Well . . . scientists agree.  A new study out of Australia found that our brains and bodies don't ACTUALLY get all the way out of adolescence and into adulthood until we're 24.


So that's REALLY when you become an adult.


And the researchers say it may be why people are waiting until they're older to get married, have kids, or even move out of their parents' house. 

For me (Scott), there are lots of times I don't feel like an adult even now. I see peers and folks who are 10 and 20 years younger than I am doing adult things and I wonder what it must like to be so grown up.

Seriously - I did not begin having grown up "feelings" until my mid30's. How about you - when did you truly start feeling like an adult and what were you doing that made you feel that way?



(The Telegraph)


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