It's National Peanut Butter Day...

Yesterday was National Pie Day.  But if you missed it, or you want to use another fake holiday as an excuse to gorge yourself, good news . . . today is National Peanut Butter Day.  Who knew?


Anyway, a new survey asked the biggest peanut butter question of all:  Are you a CHUNKY or SMOOTH person?  And . . . 72% of people say they prefer smooth.  Men are more likely to prefer chunky than women.


As for our favorite brands, Jif is number one . . . Skippy is number two . . . and Peter Pan is number three. 

Your thoughts on peanut butter? Scott LOVES it - buts it on and in everything. Applesauce. Delish. Chocolate pudding. Yep. Celery - vegetables are finally good. Finger - hell yes!

And what about these new dry peanut butters - and the alternatives - Walden Farms fat-free, calorie-free peanut blob, er, butter?


Nothing beats regular old Jif Crunchy! 

(National Today)


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