A Car Insurance Company Is Caught Giving Higher Rates to People With...

If your email address is "HansonLuvr@hotmail.com", you know people will judge you for it, right?  Not the "Hanson Luvr" part . . . we're all on board with that.  Hanson rules.  They're judging you for the "Hotmail.com" part.  Get with the times, sir.


A car insurance company in England called Admiral was just caught quoting HIGHER RATES to people with Hotmail email addresses than Gmail ones.


And Admiral is actually DEFENDING that policy . . . because they say their research has shown that the kind of people who still use Hotmail get into MORE ACCIDENTS than people with more modern email addresses. 

Let's be honest - you have done it - judge people by their email address. Or are we the only ones? @AOL.com. REALLY?!



(The Sun)


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