Adams County Sheriff's Deputy Killed

An Adams County sheriff's deputy chasing a suspect in an assault case was shot and killed Wednesday night. 

The deputy has been identified as Heath Gumm. 

We're not a news organization. Read accounts of the incident HERE and HERE

We can express what is on our hearts. Our first responders are under assault and it needs to stop. These people swear to protect and served and should be honored and respected. Period.

Heath Gumm got up, pinned on his badge, and went to his j-o-b. A job that may require that he put himself in harm's way to protect and serve folks like you and me. Last night the unthinkable happened to Heath and we mourn and honor his service and sacrifice.

Gumm, 32, is survived by his wife and family. THIS IS a link to a special PayPal account of the Colorado FOP’s Police Foundation that has been set up exclusively for donations to Gumm’s family. If you have the means, please give a couple bucks. It's the least we can do for the deputy's family.

Those who put on uniforms and serve others deserve our highest honor and utmost respect. God bless you, First Responders, and please be safe.


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