Super Bowl Survey...

 How many people care more about the Super Bowl ADS than the game itself?  Apparently, the answer is more than a QUARTER of us.


A new survey asked people if they'd rather watch a great game with bad commercials, or a bad game with great commercials . . . and 27% said they care more about the ads.


73% said they'd rather watch a good game.  But that doesn't mean they don't care about the ads at all.


About half of the people in the survey said they'd be disappointed if the Super Bowl was commercial-free.  Don't worry, that will NEVER happen.


Also, 62% of people said the best place to watch the game is at a Super Bowl party with friends.


Only 30% said they'd rather be AT the actual game.  Another 7% said watching it at a bar is best.

This is all an easy call for us - when we don't have a dog (The Broncos) in the hunt, we just want a good, non-blowout game. You know, like last year. Only the Patriots lose.


(PR Newswire)


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