A Guy Almost Died from Chugging 25 Energy Drinks...

This guy probably has a point to a certain degree.  But his personal accountability might be lacking a bit . . .


56-year-old Nick Mitchell lives in Northern England.  And he wants to BAN energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster because they almost KILLED him.


He was pounding energy drinks while running a karaoke night at a club a while back and ended up overdosing on caffeine.  It happened about eight years ago, but now he's speaking out about it.


In six hours, he drank more than TWENTY-FIVE energy drinks, and his brain started BLEEDING.


He ended up in the hospital with a brain hemorrhage . . . suffered three mini-strokes over the next week . . . and still has minor speech problems because of it.


Some people say he's just an IDIOT and drinking that many energy drinks go against all common sense.


But Nick is worried someone else might do the same thing, especially teenagers.  So he thinks all energy drinks should be banned because they're a public health hazard as bad as drugs. 




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