Two-Thirds of Moms Hide...

posted by Scott and Sadie -

There's a secret stash of junk food somewhere in your house.  And if you don't know where it is . . . well, it's probably because you're a DUDE or a KID.

According to a new survey, two-thirds of moms say they hide the really GOOD SNACKS from their kids and their significant other.  The most common snacks they're hiding are chips . . . candy . . . cookies . . . fruit . . . nuts . . . popcorn . . . crackers . . . ice cream . . . yogurt . . . and pretzels. 


And the most popular places to eat their secret snacks are in their car or in bed.

Just like an alcoholic stashing away a bottle, does stashing food mean you have a problem?


(New York Post)



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