What's the Most Underrated City in Every State?

There's more to Massachusetts than just Boston.  There's more to Washington than just Seattle. There's more to Wyoming than just Cheyenne.  


Thrillist.com just put together a list of the most UNDERRATED cities in every state.  The list is totally subjective, but still, it seems like their travel writers put some real thought into it.  Here are some of their more interesting picks . . .


1.  Homer, Alaska . . . which apparently, quote, "rocks a hell of a beach scene."


2.  Sacramento, California . . . quote, "an underappreciated food city."


3.  Duluth, Minnesota . . . a chance to see the Northern Lights and, quote, "monster cinnamon rolls."


4.  Duck, North Carolina . . . quote, "the amenities of an East Coast spring break destination minus the crowding and chain restaurants."


5.  Fayetteville, West Virginia . . . quote, "the ideal home base for rock climbing, mountain biking, and the best whitewater rafting in the east." 

6. Buena Vista, Colorado... quote, "Mountain paths link the town to remote cabin villages, fishing preserves, and everything you would want from a Colorado adventure in nature. If you have a family that wants to unplug or if you have a novel you intend to finish: this is the Colorado you want to hunker down in."

7. Cody, Wyoming... quote, "What’s more, people in Cody are super friendly. Maybe it’s the air. Or the fact that Cody, for a certain breed of outdoors enthusiasts, might be heaven on earth, only with gunslingers instead of angels."




(Here's the full list.)


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