Glitter Beers Are Now a Thing That Exists

posted by Scott and Sadie - 

We guess this is the Unicorn Frappuccino's drunk uncle who doesn't get invited to family events?


Apparently, there are breweries all over the country that have started making GLITTER BEER.


The first brewery to do it was Three Weavers in Inglewood, California, but now breweries in Colorado and North Carolina have also gotten on board.


If you're wondering how they do it, the beers are made with an edible glitter that sparkles in the light.


The glitter is tasteless . . . by that I mean it doesn't have any flavor, I'm not commenting on how classy it is.  Although your opinions may vary.


But apparently, it's HELL on the brewing equipment, so enjoy the sacrifice they're making for the sake of your Instagram. 




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