A Club in Miami Is Shut Down After...

There's a trend at nightclubs to do CRAZY STUFF to make the experience feel more EPIC and WILD.  But usually, it's just, like, the cocktail waitresses holding sparklers or a special performance by DJ Jazzy Jeff.


The Mokai Lounge in Miami Beach, Florida definitely too it TOO FAR last week.


Because on Wednesday night, they had one of their female employees RIDE A HORSE onto the dance floor while she was wearing underwear.  There was also a little person riding it at one point too.


If that sounds dangerous, it was . . . and the horse clearly got spooked, because he bucked the woman off and then bolted from the club.  Fortunately, it didn't rampage through the dance floor, because it could've hurt a lot of people.


We don't know how the woman's doing, but we DO know how the horse is doing.  The Miami-Dade Police's animal division tracked it down, they inspected it, and they say it's healthy and safe.


But as for the club . . . the mayor of Miami says their stunt showed, quote, "insane stupidity and irresponsibility" and the club's business license has been REVOKED.


The owners could also be looking at an investigation for animal cruelty. 


(Huffington Post / Buzzfeed


(Search for "horse Miami club" on YouTube to see videos.  Warning:  There's profanity.)


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