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Hey, guys, it’s Sadie and I want to talk to you about the AMAZING people behind the Fort Collins Fitness Festival (FCFF) and my journey to a healthier life!

Now if you listen to the show you know that 2017 was a rough one for me. I was pregnant, sick and just plain miserable. Once the baby came, I had to turn around and have surgery. UGH! I was down for the count and boy could I feel it! You really don’t realize how important physical fitness is until you aren’t able to do it. Once I was cleared to get back in it I felt completely and totally lost.

That’s where Rachel Pastor and her wonderful crew came in. From personal training to local classes there were so many different ways to feel good! I started my journey by training with Rachel’s teammates, Shelby and Sherri. Then life happened…AGAIN! Between two older kids, a new baby, work, travel and an equally busy husband my schedule changed. But that’s ok! I’ve now morphed into all of the convenient and fun classes that are currently being offered around town!

Next up for me….the FCFF Triathlon on March 31st! This pop-up event will feature 3 different stellar workouts in one day. It’s going to be hard, but it’s going to be FUN and I can’t wait to feel that sense of accomplishment!!! Also, if you’ve purchased a ticket to the largest fitness festival in NoCo, The Fort Collins Fitness Festival at the brand new CSU Stadium on June 30th you get to participate in the FCFF Triathlon for FREE!

The moral of the story is this…life changes…life gets in the way. THAT’S OKAY! Never stop striving to reach your goals and always align yourself with people who want to see you succeed! Also, keep it simple. Here are four easy steps that you can do today for better health….

1.) More Sleep

2.) Increase Water Intake

3.) Get Moving

4.) Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Stay tuned for more health and life updates from me!




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