A Guy Gets Pulled Over, and Gives the Cops...

We're no experts but we've got to think there are better fake IDs than this.


A guy was pulled over in Milton Keynes, England, last week, and the cop asked for his driver's license.  But instead, he reached into his wallet and pulled out . . . Homer Simpson's driver's license.


Like, it's had Homer's picture, his signature, and everything.  But it might not be authentic "Simpsons" merchandise since it has his address listed as "28 Springfield Way" when every real fan knows he lives at 742 Evergreen Terrace.


So yeah, basically, this guy gave the cop a bootleg novelty Homer Simpson license.


Maybe his plan was to try to get the cop laughing, so she wouldn't realize that he didn't have a REAL license . . . or insurance . . . but it didn't work.


His car was impounded and he's facing two charges for driving without a REAL license and insurance. 


(Huffington Post


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