Pickle Juice Slushes Are Coming to Sonic This Summer

As a business decision, we'd call this . . . interesting?  Ambitious?  Insane?  We're not sure.


Sonic just announced that this summer, they're going to sell a new dessert slush drink that tastes like . . . PICKLE JUICE.  Picture a snow cone that's flavored with pickle juice.  That's what this is.


Apparently, pickle juice is one of the "hot" food trends this year.  But this is still a pretty weird way for that trend to go.


Foodbeast.com got to sample the new Pickle Juice Slush and they say it's, quote, "a unique syrup that provides a punch of briny acidity but has enough sweetness to take the sharpness out of the flavor."


Oh, and if you don't want a straight pickle juice drink, they say you can add the syrup to any drink you want . . . so you could have a pickle juice Coke or something.


It will hit their stores in mid-June.  We're not anticipating lines out the door. 




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