A Guy Celebrates His $96,000 Lawsuit Settlement With...

There's a 30-year-old guy named Saul Vellegas from the Bronx in New York.  And last week, he got a $96,000 settlement from a lawsuit he filed after a car accident.


And how did he celebrate?  By putting all of the cash in a suitcase, checking into a cheap motel, and hiring three hookers.  Obviously.


After they had sex, the women pitched the idea that a few friends of theirs could come by with beer and cigarettes.  Saul was down, so they called their friends.


Well . . . those "friends" turned out to be two dudes who busted into the room with guns and stole the suitcase of cash.


So now the cops are trying to track down the hookers and their friends.


As for Saul, he's pretty upset that he lost all his cash.  Quote, "I am haunted by this . . . I needed that money badly." 


(New York Post


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