Craigslist Killed Its Personals Section...

One of the great online institutions is over:  Craigslist just announced they're killing their personals section, which includes two legendary sections:  Missed Connections and Casual Encounters.


Why?  It's all because of a law that's steamrolling through Congress with good intentions but terrible execution.


That law is an anti-sex trafficking act, which sounds good AND necessary.  But the law would go after any website that's used for sex trafficking.  Craigslist is one, but really, Google, Facebook, and any comments section could ALSO fall under the definition.


Groups that fight human trafficking, former victims, and even the Department of Justice say it's missing the point.


Real action needs to be taken to stop human traffickers . . . because going after websites won't stop the traffickers, they'll just find other sales methods.  And it could make it even harder to prosecute them since now proof will be tougher to find.


But Congress isn't known for "thinking" or "considering long-term implications" these days . . . the goal seems to be to say "WE PASSED SOMETHING!  So now please re-elect us, okay?" and that's about it.


So their plan to fight human trafficking is to target every website and not the human traffickers . . . and Craigslist's personals section is a casualty. 


(The Daily Beast)


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