Only 12% of People Say It's Okay to Have Garlic Breath...

So apparently today is National Garlic Day.  How long until a bunch of vampires complain that it discriminates against them?


Anyway, here are five new stats from a survey about garlic in honor of this prestigious and very real holiday . . .


1.  Only 12% of people say it's okay to have GARLIC BREATH.

2.  But if they're really attracted to you, they'll deal with it . . . because only 5% of people say they haven't kissed someone because of their garlic breath.

3.  The most popular garlic food is garlic bread.

4.  Only 3% of people say they don't like garlic.

5.  And on the other side of the scale, 14% put it on basically everything they cook. 


(National Today)


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