People Say Observational Humor Is the Funniest...

posted by Scott and Sadie -

I get that if some fancy survey company asks you what you find funny, you're probably not going to admit that you'd LOSE YOUR MIND at someone falling into a port-a-potty.  So that's my explanation for this.


A new survey asked people what types of HUMOR they find funny . . . and "toilet humor" came in last.  Here are the full results . . .


1.  Observations on everyday life, 72%.

2.  Observations on the news, 47%.

3.  Wordplay, 31%.

4.  Controversial or taboo subjects, 30%.

5.  Impressions, 28%.

6.  Sketch comedy, 26%.

7.  Improv, 23%.

8.  Cringeworthy, awkward, and embarrassing situations, 22%.

9.  Toilet humor, 14%.

10.  Nothing.  I find nothing funny.  7%. 





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