The Top Ten Things Women Appreciate About Their Husbands

posted by Scott and Sadie -

Believe it or not, women actually think their husbands do SOME stuff right.  It just takes an obscure holiday for someone to do a survey on it . . .


Tomorrow is Husband Appreciation Day.  And according to a poll of more than 1,000 married women, here are the top 10 things they appreciate about their husband . . .


1.  "He's a hard worker."  69% of married women agreed with that one.

2.  "I can be myself around him," 62%.

3.  "He makes me laugh," 61%.

4.  "He's smart," 56%.

5.  "He's supportive," 52%.

6.  "He's a good dad," 52%.

7.  "He's SEXY," 42%.

8.  "He does the dishes," 33%.

9.  "He's good with money," 31%.

10.  "He buys me things," 29%.  The survey DID also ask what annoys them the most.  The top five answers were not listening . . . snoring . . . other bodily quirks, like nose-picking . . . being a control freak . . . and not doing enough chores. 


(National Today)


(In case you're wondering, Wife Appreciation Day is September 16th.)



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