The Top Five Conversation Buzzkills That...

74% of single people in a new survey said that being able to have a good conversation with someone is more important than looks.  And 60% said it's possible to fall in LOVE after just one conversation.


Here are the top five conversation buzzkills that can ruin your chances on a date . . .


1.  Negativity.  41% said it's a huge turnoff.

2.  Talking so much that your date can't get a word in.

3.  Controversial topics, like politics and religion.

4.  Cheesy one-liners.

5.  Using too many big words just to seem smart.


70% said they've experienced awkward silences on a first date.  And the top four ways people deal with them are by changing the subject . . . just ignoring it . . . staying silent and LETTING it be awkward . . . and looking at their phone.


13% of people also said they've been so desperate for something to talk about, they've googled "conversation starters" DURING a date.  19% have also done it to PREPARE for a date. 


(PR Newswire)


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