Six Questions About Our Snacking Habits

People who never eat between meals must have some super-human ability to avoid temptation.  So this list is for the rest of us weak, pathetic mortals . . .


A new survey asked people about their SNACKING habits.  Here are six questions and how people answered them.  See how your snacking habits stack up . . .


1.  When you snack, do you usually go for sweet things like cookies, or salty things like chips?  69% said salty.  31% said sweet.


2.  Do you pretty much snack throughout the day, or at a specific time each day?  67% said it varies throughout the day.  33% have a regular time they like to have a snack.


3.  Are you a late-night snacker, meaning after 9:00 P.M.?  54% said yes.  46% said they don't usually eat after 9:00 P.M.


4.  Do you ever eat in bed?  34% said yes.  66% said they don't because they hate having crumbs in their sheets.


5.  Do you store snacks anywhere other than your kitchen, like your desk or your car?  24% said they DO keep snacks in places other than their kitchen.


6.  Are you more likely to snack if you're having a bad day?  66% said yes. 




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