A Guy Tries to Escape From Jail Over a Razor Wire Fence...

This guy REALLY didn't think through his master jailbreak plan.


A 22-year-old guy named Marc Schwartz from Forestville, California had a four-day jail sentence last week for a DUI.  He was locked up on Thursday and set to be released on Sunday.


But apparently, even THAT much time on the inside was too much.  So on Friday night . . . two days into his four-day sentence . . . he escaped.


Marc ran through the yard . . . scaled a fence with coils of RAZOR WIRE on top . . . cut himself up pretty badly . . . and then dropped down to sweet, bloody freedom.


But . . . he was caught less than six hours later in a creek.


The cops took him to the hospital for his razor wire injuries, and then they took him to a more secure jail.


And now he's looking at a charge of felony escape. . . which could get him up to ONE YEAR in prison.  But hey, that's 182 chances to escape based on his math. 


(San Francisco Chronicle


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