Huge Internet Debate Alert: What Does the "H" Stand For in "IMHO"?

posted by Scott and Sadie -

"IMHO" is one of those Internet acronyms that's been around since people were chatting on America Online.  So who knew it would cause a MASSIVE Twitter debate more than two decades later?


The Internet is majorly divided right now on what the "H" stands for in "IMHO."  Is it "In my honest opinion" . . . or "In my humble opinion"?


Honest or humble?  It really DOES make a difference in the tone of how you're using IMHO depending on which one you think you're saying.


So Buzzfeed put up a poll, and after more than 150,000 votes, HONEST is leading HUMBLE at about a 60-40 split.


Weird.  We always thought it was humble. 





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