The 10 Genres of Music We Listen to When We Want to Feel Happy

Wait, you're telling me other people don't listen to DEATH METAL to cheer up?  Oh, you guys should try it.  All that angry yelling and growling really makes your problems seem insignificant in comparison.


A new survey found the genres of music that people are the most likely to listen to when they want to feel HAPPY.  And here are the results . . .


1.  Pop.

2.  Rock.

3.  Pop rock.

4.  Classical.

5.  Dance.

6.  Country.

7.  Disco.

8.  Ballads.

9.  Musicals.

10.  Indie rock.


One more thing from the survey:  It also found that one in seven people think they're TOO OLD to go to concerts. 


(Daily Mirror)


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