-The Human Bean Morning Buzz

-5:20 Funny

-Crazy new technology is coming! Is it too much?

-Yard work never ends. Ugh! 

-A woman had a cockroach stuck in her ear for 9 days! OMG

-The Pledge of Allegiance 

-Early Morning Mind Bender Trivia

-Scott did something pretty cool this weekend and it has to do with the Honor Flight.

-Scott has a nest on his front porch and mama robin is mean! What should he do? 

-The Kentucky Derby. What made this year different than past years? 

-When's the best time to shower morning or night? You might be surprised by what scientists are saying.

-What's the BEST thing you've ever eaten?

-Some dude just ate his 30,000th Big Mac! 

-LIFE COURT- 16 year old kid gets a job that he's really excited about. There's a bit of a commute involved and Dad thinks he should pay for gas, car wear and tear and insurance. Mom thinks they should just be happy that he's excited to work. Is there a middle ground? 

-5 things that you might have thought give you cancer but really don't 



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