A Man Took Too Long at a McDonald's Drive-Thru...

If you're in your 90s and still eat McDonald's, you might not have a lot of years left before your heart explodes.  So we guess there's no time to waste . . .


A 91-year-old guy named Jonnie Douglas was at a McDonald's drive-thru in Richmond, Indiana on Monday, and the guy in front of him was taking too long.  (Richmond is on the Ohio border, about 70 miles east of Indianapolis.)


So Jonnie responded by pulling out a gun and firing a WARNING shot at him.


The guy in front of him was 39-year-old Phillip Bailey.  And apparently, there was some drama leading up to it.


Jonnie yelled at him to get a move on.  Then Phillip yelled back and ended up throwing a drink.  So that's when Jonnie pulled the gun.  But luckily the bullet didn't hit anyone. 


Police showed up and arrested Jonnie for criminal recklessness and pointing a loaded firearm at another person.  And Phillip is also facing charges for intimidation and disorderly conduct. 




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